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    Heartwood Nursery, Inc.

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    Monday – Saturday 9am - 4pm
    Closed Sundays
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  • Heartwood Nursery, Inc.
    Specialists In
    Native woody propagation and other select species including holly propagation and native reforestation.

  • Heartwood Nursery, Inc.
    Environmental Preserve
    This property has been preserved by the owner through the York County Farms and Natural Lands Trust in perpetuity for the educational benefit of future generations.

  • Heartwood Nursery, Inc.
    Native Plants
    Numerous varieties of perennials, native trees and shrubs, berry plants, native ground covers, and much more.

  • Heartwood Nursery, Inc.
    Serviceberry Festival
    Friday, June 14
    Saturday June 15th
    10 am - 4 pm


Listen to a Podcast with Sue Hunter.

Topic: Growing Hollies in the Mid-Atlantic region. Discussion includes care, pollination, planting and new selections for the wholesale and retail market. 


Heartwood Nursery & Environmental Preserve


Dedicated to and inclusive in promoting the field of Horticulture to all cultural communities. 

Propagators and Growers of Premium Quality Nursery Stock since 1988 for the Retail Customer and the Wholesale Nursery Trade.  Specializing in Hollies, native species of the Eastern Piedmont Region, and other select species.

Hours of Operation Monday – Saturday 9am - 4pm Closed Sundays

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Retail and Wholesale


Support Your Local Independent Nurseries
Chain stores, Box stores and Garden Centers are not growers. They are holders of inventory that originate and are grown elsewhere.  As a local, independent niche Nursery, we propagate from our own stock plants, collect local seed to preserve diversity of the species and make selections of hardy and reliably performing plants from those seedlings.  Without local, independent niche Nurseries, many selected plants that are in demand by the retail and wholesale consumer wouldn't be available in the trade today.

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Heartwood Hollies


Heartwood Takes Honors The National William F. Kosar Award by the The Holly Society of America was awarded to Heartwood Nursery’s Sue Hunter in October 2012.

“This award is given in memory of the pioneer holly breeder and devoted Holly Society member William F. Kosar. It is given to an outstanding plantsman for contributions to the hybridization, evaluation, selection, and introduction of hollies. The recipient has excelled in breeding, propagating, and collecting hollies, has contributed to the Holly Society Journal or other publications, and has generally been of great service to the Holly Society of America.”

Heartwood Nursery & Environmental Preserve