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    Heartwood Nursery, Inc.
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  • Heartwood Nursery, Inc.
    Specialists In
    Native woody propagation and other select species including holly propagation and native reforestation.

  • Heartwood Nursery, Inc.
    Environmental Preserve
    This property has been preserved by the owner through the York County Farms and Natural Lands Trust in perpetuity for the educational benefit of future generations.

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  • Heartwood Nursery, Inc.
    Native Plants
    Numerous varieties of perennials, native trees and shrubs, berry plants, native ground covers, and much more.

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Heartwood Nursery is one of the largest wholesale and retail native nurseries in the Mid-Atlantic region. An early leader in native species in the horticulture industry, we’ve been propagating and growing natives for over 35 years.

Ninety percent of the plants we offer are indigenous to the Eastern Piedmont region, grown by hand, without pesticides. We offer over 300 native species; most of which are started here in our greenhouses from local collected seed and cuttings. We also carry a small percentage of select non-invasive, non-native species.

At Heartwood, you’ll find common and lesser known native trees, including American Hollies, Serviceberry, Pawpaw, and many others. You’ll also find a vast selection of native shrubs, perennials, berry plants, groundcovers, ferns, and grasses. We have ideal options for sun, shade, dry, and wet conditions and for formal and informal designs.

Heartwood Nursery is one of the largest wholesale and retail native nurseries

A small team of friendly, expert staff, we’re happy to help you with your goals, whether you’re planting 10 acres, 10 feet, or a single specimen.

Heartwood: A Hub for Hollies

Heartwood is national award-winning propagator of Hollies and the largest propagator of American Holly (Ilex opaca) in the United States. Starting and growing over 20,000 American Hollies per year, Heartwood is a success story for this native species, designated as threatened in Pennsylvania. We also propagate select non-native Hollies for the Nursery Trade and retail market.

Our stunning grove of mature Hollies is a Holly Society of America Certified Arboretum and Test Center, one of a few in the United States.

More on our Holly availability and Arboretum

Podcast: Tips for Thriving, Beautiful Hollies

Sue Hunter, Heartwood Nursery owner and President of the Holly Society of America, discusses growing hollies in the Mid-Atlantic region. Learn about holly planting, care, and pollination, as well as new selections for wholesale and retail, in this 2024 interview with Washington Gardener.

Tips for Thriving, Beautiful Hollies


News & Events

We have a lot growing on. Helping everyone learn about, grow, and celebrate native species is a big part of our mission. Our monthly enewsletter shares what’s blooming at the nursery, tips on choosing and growing native species, upcoming events, promotions, and more.

For more information and inspiration, join us on social, too. 

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Make the beautiful drive to the country to visit us at:

8957 Hickory Road, Felton, PA 17322
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(717) 993-5230


We are open year-round:
Monday–Saturday | 9:00 pm–4:00 pm
Closed on Sunday


Upcoming Events

Autumn Walk on the Tree Trails at Heartwood
Saturday, October 26 | 2:00 pm

By popular demand, we’re hosting a walk and talk to help you learn about the many native trees here at Heartwood. Free and open to the public. Stay tuned for more information!

Autumn Walk on the Tree Trails at Heartwood


Plant native for:
Food and habitat for pollinators and other insects, birds and other wildlife | better drought and heat tolerance |
better heavy rain tolerance | water filtration into the ground | reduced stormwater runoff | climate resilience | lower maintenance | beauty!

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